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3 Free Apps to Make Your Business Digital Life Simpler

Mobile apps are great for personal usage because of the endless choices of games to play and social media sites to occupy your time with. But what about business owners and employees using mobile apps for company purposes? Busy workers are constantly on the go and can’t always sit in front of a computer to get all of their work done, or communicate with a client via file sharing or email. Here is a little about our favorite three useful mobile apps that make digital life easier when you aren’t in the office.

1. Hootlet. Hootsuite is an application that allows social media marketers to share updates, posts, and web links across multiple social media platforms in one big swoop. This is useful because it isn’t necessary any longer to send out links individually on each social media site, and is helpful when you have a lot of information to share at once. If you aren’t in the office, you can use the digital app Hootlet to do this on your phone instead.

2. Dropbox. Dropbox is a file- sharing tool that has a common area so multiple people can look at multiple files at once. If you need to have your team members look at a set of images, for example, you can drop all of the images into one place via Dropbox, and everyone can look at them all at once. Dropbox has a mobile app that allows you to use this tool from your phone, so working from remote location is no longer a problem.

3. Skype. Businesses use Skype in their office as a communication tool among fellow employees. This is especially useful if there is a large office with busy phones and you can’t always call another extension to get ahold of someone. Now, instead of sending a text or making a phone call, you can use your mobile phone to download Skype and simply message people at work. You can also use Skype as a file-sharing program like Dropbox, though it is more useful for one- on- one purposes.

Thanks to recent developments in technology, it’s no longer necessary to panic when you aren’t in the office and need to get things done. There’s a lot more mobile apps you can use to make your digital life simpler, but these are some of our favorites here at our Orange County based digital studio.


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