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Did You Know: Reed Hastings was inspired to start Netflix after racking up $40 in late fees for Apollo 13

Netflix was founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and co-founder Marc Randolph. The idea came from Hastings when he missed placed the video cassette, Apollo 13 for six weeks. Hastings owed the video rental store 40$ and was not excited to tell his wife. Later that day Hastings walked into the gym and it hit him, gym memberships were a great idea. A unlimited service for a monthly flat rate, and Netflix was born.


  • As of July 2014 there are 50 million Netflix subscribers
  • 36 million of the subscribers are in the US
  • 63% of americans use Netflix to stream TV
  • Netflix’s net income for 2014 quarter 2 is 71 million
  • House of Cards, a original Netflix series, has won 3 Emmy Awards in 2013
  • There are about 900 Netflix employees

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