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Did You Know: Weather changes can affect your productivity

Weather changes can affect your productivity.
When it comes to the daily fluctuations in weather, whether or not you started off with a good or bad mood matters.
A study done in 2008 reported that cold and dull weather is more likely to bring down your mood further when you’re feeling negative, as compared to when you’re feeling upbeat. Specifically, temperature, wind power and sunlight all affect your mood especially when you’re down. The amount of sunlight was also found to influence how tired an individual is, consequently affecting your motivation and productivity.
Interestingly, some researchers found that people are more productive on days when the weather is actually unpleasant. They argued that people are able to focus better on their work on these days because they are less occupied with more interesting activities. Good weather, on the other hand, creates a conducive environment for the mind to wander from the task at hand, resulting in lower productivity!

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