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Essential Questions To Ask When Hiring Mobile App Designers

Creating an application for your company is an important branding tool particularly because of the increase in mobile device usage and social networking. A mobile app keeps clients aware of services, makes your business available 24/7 and increases the level of customers loyalty and ensures their return.

Once you have come up with a brilliant idea for you mobile app the next step is to hire a mobile app designer to develop your application. Hiring a mobile app designer is not a quick and easy process, you want to make sure the developer understands your vision and is qualified for the job. Here are some essential questions to ask your potential developer.

  1. What kind of applications have you created in my industry? You want to make sure the app developer understands your specific industry and your targeted audience.  It is important for your app to be made specific for your industry and targeted audience because they are who you want to download and use the app.
  2. Can I see examples of previous mobile apps you have developed? Viewing examples of mobiles app they have created is a great way to gauge if they are qualified enough for the job you want them to do.  It also is a great way to see if you like their products they have produced and if they are the right company to develop your app.
  3. How would we communicate during the development process? Communication is key. You want to be aware of how the process is going, essentially the app is yours and you want to make sure your ideas are portrayed correctly since the app will be representing your company.
  4. What kind of special features can you create? People are drawn to apps for their special features and unique capabilities, making sure the developer is experienced with special features that would best fit your company is important. You want your app to thrive well because it ensures your company does too.
  5. How will you test the app? Once the app is complete you want to make sure the developer is testing the app before pushing it live.  You want the developer to test the app on a mobile device to make sure it works correctly and to see if there are any bugs that need to be fixed.
  6. What platforms do you have experience designing for? You want to make sure the design team is familiar with what specific platform you want your app built on, whether its Apple IOS, Google Android or Microsoft Windows or on multiple platforms. You don’t want to have a designer who has no experience with the platform you want and you don’t want to pay them to figure it out. If you are unsure with what platform to go with discuss it with the design team to find the right platform(s) that would better suit your business.
  7. Will you submit the app to the app store? Once you have approved the beta-tested version of your app the last step is for the developer to submit your app to the app store.  Submitting your app is not a short and easy process.  It is important you know the developer understands this process and knows how to go about it successfully.
  8. How will my app make money? First you want to establish whether or not this is your goal. It is important to know if you wish to generate revenue so the developer knows how to build your app so it can do just that.  Decide whether you want to charge for your app to be downloaded and how much, depending on the features and abilities your app offers. If charging users to download your app is not how you want to make money you can opt to integrate mobile display ads, in-app purchases or paid subscription services.
  9. How do you manage updates? Will your developer send you updates during the development process? Having a compatible relationship with the developer is key.  You want to understand their process of developing and know how it works. Having a schedule to determine when certain steps should be taken, to ensure deadlines are being met and and fees/payments are up to date. This way everyone understands the schedule and is ok with it.
  10. What are your fees and payment terms? Once you have discussed all other questions and concerns you want to ask about their fees and payment terms.  Having an agreement before the development process is important and can makes things easier.  You don’t want any hidden or extra charges added in the middle of the development process, except any changes that you have requested and approved.  Making it clear what you want and having an estimated price for that makes things clear when moving forward with the development.

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