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Five Best Web Design Practices For Small Business

Small businesses are usually family or privately owned and tend to have a different atmosphere than big corporations. Local businesses also tend to be very involved with their community.  As a small business you want to portray your involvement with the community and or family but also your professionalism on your website.

The first thing to promote your small business is a homepage that sells.  You want your homepage to explain what your about, what you offer and the core of your business. An eye catching footer and logo draws in customers and leaves them searching for more. Having the right balance between text and graphics is key.  Too much text or graphics can make your website cluttered and difficult to understand.  Simplicity is the key, the text should be clear, bold and obviously readable.

Your main strength as a small business is your personality. Videos are a great way to show off the company’s personality.  It’s a great way for customers to “meet” you before they hire you or buy your product. Instructional and testimonial videos are great examples of that.

Promoting your phone number and email everywhere is important, it shows people your are easy to contact.  Also placing your contact info clearly on your webpage it essential. If customers cannot find your contact information easily it may steer them away from your webpage and your business.

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