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Google’s Upcoming “L” Version of Android Tries To Bridge The Gap Between The Web and Android

Google has made it their goal to bridge the gap between the web and android and this year they have finally made advancements towards that. Google’s upcoming “L” version will merge all of google’s products and services.  Google states that this new upgrade will be not only for smartphones but for desktops and beyond, which likely means once the update goes live it will be applied to the Chrome browser and any online services such as music or docs etc.

Google’s new set of API’s are designed to merge the mobile experience so that both personal and corporate applications can coexist on the same device.  These new API’s allow HTML5 apps to be integrated into native apps and on the android platform itself.  This provides users the ability to perform specific tasks without having to actually launch the application itself, which is a huge convenience.

Googles new “L” version will be equipped with major changes.  The main upgrade with be the overall design, KitKat is being replaced by a new style called Material Design based on basic shapes. This new design will add a more 3D appearance emphasizing by shadows and lighting effects. In addition to the new design, the update will allow for improved graphics performance on the devices, including improved lighting effects and tessellation.

Another major upgrade will be the increased battery life, battery saver mode and improved visualization of battery usage.  This will be very convenient to those who are active and spend a lot of time outdoors like hiking etc. and for those who are not necessarily near a charger for a long period of time.

Other changes will include how the notifications work.  Google has made receiving notifications more convenient.  Users will be able to view emails, texts or any other alerts by simply double tapping the notification, or to ignore the notification altogether and continue what they’re doing without being interrupted.

One of their favorite changes is the improved chrome tabs, which will significantly increase the users ability to multitask. The chrome tabs will now appear under the recent applications tab with the ability to quickly switch between apps and specific chrome tabs.

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