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Industry Pioneer: Beats by Dre

Beats is a division of Apple inc. that produces audio products, such as high performance headphones and speakers.  Beats was founded by rapper, hip hop artist and producer, Dr. Dre and Interscope records chairman, Jimmy Lovine in 2006. Beats’ primarily focused on headphones and speakers, which are famous for their emphasis on bass.

Beats partnered with Monster cable, an audio and video component manufacturer and two years later released the first beats brand products, Beats by Dr. Dre Studio headphones in 2008.  In 2001 Beats executives, Dre and Lovine decided not to renew their contract with Monster cable and in 2012 Beats released their self-developed products Beats executive, noise canceling headphones and Beats Pill, wireless speakers.

Beats expanded into the online music industry when they purchased MOG, a paid subscription online music service and blog network, and launched Beats Music. Shortly after that MOG was shut down and all users were directed to Beats Music. In May 2014, Apple announced their intentions for purchasing Beats for 3 million, which would be the largest purchase in history made by Apple. After acquiring Beats, Apple had decisions to make, like how would Beats integrate into their products and whether or not to shut down Beats Music, which competes with iTunes Radio.  A decision was made and Apple Shut down Beats Music to eliminate redundancy.

Beats’ emphasis on bass made listening to music a different experience, it also became very fashionable with its unique design and colors.

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