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Industry Pioneer: Wolfgang Weingart

Wolfgang Weingart is an internationally known graphic designer and typographer.  Weingart is famous for his swiss typography and was credited as the “father of new wave typography”.

Born in southern Germany in 1941, Weingart moved to Lisbon with his family. In 1958 him and his family moved back to Germany and Weingart Enrolled in Merz academy in their two year program in applied graphic arts where he learned typesetting, linocut and  woodblock printing.  From there Weingart went on to a three year typesetting apprenticeship at Ruwe Printing where he met Karl-August Hanke, a famous house designer who mentored him and encouraged him to study in Switzerland.

In 1963 Weingart moved to Basel, Switzerland and started studying at the Basel school of design where he was invited to teach as the the typography instructor. Weingart taught a unique, new approach to Swiss typography that influenced his students and stared the development of the New Wave, deconstruction and much of the design in the 1990’s.

Weingart has received many awards from the swiss government throughout the years.  In 2013 he received the AIGA Medal for his typographic teachings and explorations, which is the highest honor in the design profession.  His art is displayed in many different museums and private galleries around the world.

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