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Master of eCommerce Amazon Joins the Mobile Phone Game

Amazon, which is the world’s largest retailer, has been a leading pioneer in using new technologies that take advantage of eCommerce trends. Their latest demonstration of this in their newly released, highly anticipated mobile phone, called the Fire Phone. The new phone has several key features that set it apart from others, namely the Dynamic Perspective feature and the Firefly feature. Coupled with an original new look, the Amazon Fire Phone offers a brand new perspective on eCommerce and mCommerce that brings innovation and creativity to a new level.


Dynamic Perspective. This feature creates a three dimensional image on your mobile screen that moves with the users head position. In other words, it allows the image to move as the user moves. Games and other apps on the phone have a pop out look that increase the realistic nature of the interface.

Firefly. This feature allows the user to hold down a button on the mobile phone that recognizes printed items like phone numbers, email addresses, songs, T.V. episodes, business cards, and more.  This allows the user to look up more information about pertinent items he is interested in, and improves the chances of the user purchasing items. In other words, Amazon created the Firefly app to do what they do best: increase the potential for revenue through eCommerce and mCommerce.

What the Critics Say

Critics have been polarized in their reviews of the new phones. Some critics say that the new features will prove to be cumbersome rather than useful. Though the three dimensional effects will entice users the first ten times, after awhile they will prove to be more annoying than helpful because they don’t contribute to the functionality of the phone. Other critics say that the phone is too expensive at $199.00 for a two year AT & T contract and contradicts the way Amazon markets itself as an affordable outlet for quickly accessible products and services.

Other critics say that the phone offers something unique in its distinct features over other phones. For Amazon junkies and people who like to shop, the phone will work well for them. For the rest of mobile phone users, time will only tell whether the Fire phone is all it’s chalked up to be. Kudos to Amazon though for surprising us yet again!


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