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New Google Analytics for eCommerce

Google launched a new analytics feature that helps businesses understand how their eCommerce is performing in a number of different categories and circumstances. This tool is very useful for businesses to determine which aspects of their sales and marketing are doing well online, and which aspects need improvement. Here are some of the basics of the new analytics features, and why you should consider using them to grow your business and improve the marketing of your services.

These are the different analytic tools that businesses can look at:

Overview and Product Performance Report. This tool shows the data for revenue collected from specific purchases, as well as the conversion rates that are generated by the products you are selling online.

Affiliate Code Report. This type of analytic tool tracks specific revenue and transactions.

Order Level Coupons and Product Coupons: This analytic tool tracks how effective these two types of coupons are in accordance with the revenue they generate and the purchases they encourage.

Internal Promotions: This is an analytic tool that looks at internal banner ads and how much or little they promote sales.

Businesses should use these ecommerce tools to their advantage in helping them generate sales and increase brand recognition. For more information about new Google analytics for eCommerce, see here.


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