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The Importance of Responsive Design In E-Commerce

Responsive Web design is the approach of laying out and coding a website so that it provides an excellent viewing experience.  This means easy reading and navigation with minimal resizing, panning or scrolling.

With the increase in mobile technology, a website should adjust to any screen size.  Without a responsive design your website might be dull and not easily accessed through any computer or mobile device, which would make any visitor leave your website. Here are some reasons why responsive web design is so important.

1. Saves time and money The leading benefit of responsive web design is saving time and money. Rather than designing multiple websites for multiple devices, one website under one URL saves so much more time and money. Clients also find it much easier to maintain only one website which will improve customer satisfaction.

2. Improves user experience Making a website user friendly is essential.  Most visitors will leave a website if it is not accessible or even appealing.  All content of website should be consistent and accessible on computer, mobile phone or tablet.  Utilizing responsive web design will increase a web sites traffic.

3. Improves overall usability and performance Being responsive appeals not only to everyone but to modern visitors.  You want your content available to be shared. Placing social media sharing buttons on your content reaches out to visitors to share your content. Having your content shared can increase traffic to your website, which is essentially what you want.

These are just a few reasons why responsive web design is so important. To sum up, it will save you time and money and increase the users overall experience. Responsive design is making its way to be the customary layout of website design.

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