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Tips for Gaining Online Exposure

One of the greatest challenges online store owners face is increasing traffic to their website.  A well designed website won’t do all the work.  There are so many simple things you can do to increase your traffic and business revenue.

Consistency  One of the easiest ways to grow your online community is through social media.  There is so much content on the web these days it is important to be consistent and stay connected. Pay attention to what you viewers respond best to time whether its the frequency of your posts or the time of day they are posted. All of these can contribute to the traffic to your site.

Images  Including images with your posts has proven to generate 50% more likes than posts without images.  Images are particularly important on Facebook.  Adding an image to an otherwise text base post is way more compelling and will increase the likelihood of users to click-through previous posts and images.

Social Buttons The more impact you have on social media sites the more your content will be shared. Placing social buttons with your blog will encourage readers to share the article.  Having your content shared is a great way to bring in new viewers.  Placing share buttons under your products can be helpful as well.  This will

Experiment with blog titles  Your blog title is what brings in a reader, experiment with what works and what doesn’t.  Knowing what your readers respond to can be a major advantage when posting blogs. Here are a few tips:

  • Use everyday language and text
  • Keep it short
  • Use negatives (Don’t do this vs Do this)
  • If your article is a list, state how many points your going to make

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