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Top 3 Web Design Disasters to Avoid

If you’re redesigning your website for the first time, it’s common to make several errors if you aren’t aware of what constitutes good design. Web designs must be tailored towards effective SEO, mobile phone usage, and should be intuitively organized in terms of navigation. Here are some of the bigger mistakes to avoid and advice on how to resolve these issues effectively.

1. Not making your web design responsive.  If you don’t tailor towards mobile devices, you aren’t thinking with the times. More and more people use their mobile phones for mobile commerce as well as for looking up information, and they need a user-friendly layout that accommodates that. Designing for mobile also helps you avoid putting in unecesary features and content that serves no purpose for the immediate needs of the customer.

2. Using Flash. Flash hurts your search engine optimization because Google doesn’t recognize websites with Flash on them. If the user doesn’t have the correct software, they won’t be able to see or use your site. Flash is also not mobile friendly on all devices, and it increases loading times on regular computers because it requires a large amount of bandwidth. If possible, avoid Flash at all costs and utilize other video sharing tools like HTML5.

3. Aesthetic mistakes like clashing colors and extra small font. Just because you have a logo that uses certain colors doesn’t mean it will work well on the entirety of your website. Don’t use too many colors or colors that clash with each other. Keep in mind that less and subdued is always more in web design. Also, keep your color scheme clean and crisp because you are designing for many different types of platforms: mobile, laptop, etc. Finally, don’t use small font. It may work on mobile devices, but it will be impossible to see on larger computers. Use common sense and work with your design team to pick a font and color scheme that work well for your company.

Work with your design team to create the most optimal site with the smallest amount of non- intuitive errors. Avoid making non- responsive sites, using Flash, and having clashing colors with extra small font. Our LA based digital design agency has the common sense and experience to help you avoid these common mistakes and create a beautiful design customized towards you and your needs.

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