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User Interface Design Libraries

A user interface design pattern library is a place for designers to find inspiration for various portions of a web  design page. Depending on the type of library used, it can also be a place to find articles and written advice in regards to the various design patterns. There are many different types of user interface design libraries with different types of information, but here are some of our favorite suggestions of places to visit.

UI Patterns

This site contains a large collection of different design patterns. It also allows the user to keep track of their own designs in order to view other user interface collections. This site also allows you to read other design pattern articles and see screenshot examples of what you’re looking for. Some examples of blog posts that UIPatterns has are Optimization vs. Innovation, Psychology of Rewards in Web Design, and The Three Levels of Design Patterns: Implementation, Flow, and Context.

Pattern Browser

Pattern Browser is a site that is unique in that it showcases patterns specifically made for mobile devices. With the rise of mobile usage and mobile applications, this type of resource can be very useful to users. The site is also well organized, compact, and easily searchable.

Design Snips

This site focuses on information regarding the navigation of your website and how to make it work best for you. They also give advice on design trends like Grid layouts, and have over 30 categories for users to look at. This site is also unique in that it allows users to effectively rate and compare each design in order to help other users.

Designing Social Interfaces

This site shows patterns for social and collaborative sites along with applications, which is useful in our modern mobile and digital era. The site is actually based off of a book called Designing Social Interfaces. The site is useful in that it gives advice on how to write content and build specialty features. It’s a good site for the nitty gritty of web design.

User interface design libraries allow users and designers to get ideas so they can build the most effective and intuitive web design possible. Use some of these libraries and others to help build your dynamic design, which will increase conversion rates and boost customer satisfaction.

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