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Why Custom Web Design Isn’t Cheap

Why isn’t custom web design cheap? When you hire a web design team you are getting their knowledge and professional skills as a designer.  With the advancements in mobile technology users have high expectations for interactive functionality, mobile (responsive or adaptive) design along with a personalized experience.

A responsive website will increase your cost from 20-30%.  A website accessible to all mobile devices is important and well worth the money.  46% of users use a mobile device as their primary search tool.  With that in mind, it is very important to hire a professional with experience in responsive or adaptive design to make sure your website is mobile friendly.

There are many other factors to consider when designing a website.  Is your designer starting from scratch or doing a redesign?  Starting from scratch can be more expensive,  while a redesign is a little easier and less expensive because your old website offers insight on your branding techniques and structure.  However, if your business is new or you have not developed a website, a lot must be considered by a designer to develop a website that best suits your business.

Your website may require special features depending on your business and these contribute to the cost of the website.  Do you need a blog or content management functionality?  Do you need a branding tool/logo? Will you require a photo gallery to show products or services? Does your website require e-commerce shopping carts, payment processing or catalogs?  Some of these are essential to your business and can help increase your revenue, look at some of these as an important investment.

Don’t forget about maintenance and update costs.  A website constantly needs maintenance an updates, as your company grows so will your website.  Regular maintenance ensures any bugs or issues are fixed properly as well.  You want your website up and running at all times.  Designing a website isn’t a simple and easy process.  If your website is going to be a significant part of your business it is important to do it right and that means spending the money.

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